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“This is no business for the weak at heart, this is no business for those of a nervous disposition.” (Alistair Cleminson, 1978)

Welcome to my website. Whether you’re just here out of curiosity (oh, I didn’t know that, good research) or seeking to glean uniquely bizarre moments from my past (Wait! You did WHAT to Neil Diamond?) this is the place to be. It’s my story of life in the music business, the ups and downs, the highs and lows… you get the idea.. but hopefully told with none of the Bitterness/Self-importance/What an Asshole you’d find in ‘I Played in a Band and I’m an Asshole’ type biographies we’re all familiar with. Instead, this is intended as an informative yet light-hearted journey through my career as only I can tell it.

This website has been put together by my long-time friend, Barry Henderson. He is not only an avid Rock fan who has learned to use WordPress specifically for the creation of this site, he is also an accomplished Bass player who bore an uncanny resemblance to Graham Gouldman of 10cc in his youth. I cannot stress enough; this website could not have been possible without him being harassed by my petty and pathetic bleating from the sidelines.

“That makes me sound like an Asshole!”

“And your point?” his stock response.

In conclusion, unlike other endeavours designed to appeal to consumers of this mighty Rock genre, we are selling you nothing. Everything here is free. Download the rare tracks, plunder the never before seen photos, copy the numerous tour itineraries. Everything will be made available in stages from The Vault so Come Back, Baby, regularly. Hell, even claim to be the inspiration behind Dream On and sue me for royalties.

Why? Cos life’s too short my friends and besides, whoever you are, be assured, I’ve been ripped off by bigger and better than you.

Dive in, hope you enjoy it.