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Hi Aleksey, and a Happy New Year to you and yours.
Okay, here goes-
1. Yes, all 7 tracks were recorded at my home with Darrell usually just after we’d written the songs. (I think we did some clapping on Backroom Boys too?)
2. You make an interesting point here and I think you’re right in thinking we meant Jan/Feb 1983. We were touring a lot during 1982 so had to get some writing done during our limited time at home but as I say on this site, Whipping Boy was Darrell and I trying to replicate a Billy Squier song so would’ve been done just after the Squier/Nazareth tour of late 1982.
Thanks for pointing out our error. (Probably my fault but more work for Barry methinks!)
3 & 4. Blue Skies and Let me see the Light were both recorded at Manny’s home studio by Manny, Dan and myself but I’m not sure when.
Read the Book and Crime & Punishment were both recorded in Canada during the album recording so should probably be called “Sound Elixir outtakes” but Baby’s Got a Gun was recorded in Pencaitland beforehand along with SOS.
All I remember was not liking either versions of those songs and we all agreed. My solo demo of Baby’s Got a Gun ended up being re-recorded for my album and SOS was Manny’s idea (Nazareth doing Abba was a bit cheeky!).
5. Sound Elixir was recorded AND mixed at Little Mountain. Mixing an album usually takes about 2 weeks so if we’d done the mixing at Pencaitland I wouldn’t have missed the birth of my daughter (15th March 1983) and the constant ridicule I’ve suffered from her ever since!
6. I leave Barry in charge of The Vault content but I agree it may be time to add some more. Watch This Space!

Thanks for the questions Aleksey, you’ve really jogged my memory.
Take care and stay safe.