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Wowzers and Holy Shit Jevon! Firstly, thanks for the compliments, especially the “being married for 40 years”. I will be sure to mention this to Mary though I suspect she may not share our enthusiasm. Women, huh?
On a more serious note and as mentioned on this site, A&M did not release the follow up to GUTF despite having financed the whole thing but “Crankin” was briefly released in Japan by CBS records.
You can download an extended version and my 3rd album “Shake” with all the artwork etc for free right here cos as I’ve said “Life’s too Short”.
Thanks also for granting me honorary status cos I was a big fan of The Payolas due to Mick Ronson producing one of their albums which was first pointed out to me by Loverboy’s drummer Matt Frenette when he cooked us all dinner during Nazareth’s time at Little Mountain.
Don’t be too down about my lack of ability these days cos if it hadn’t been for all my Pete Townsend windmill impressions my right hand would still be useful for something!
I hope you sort out your basement and yes, I did get the “Where Are You Now” reference. Nice one!
The recent death of Meat Loaf who “murdered” two of my songs has once again made me realise it’s not always who you know but who knows you.
If you ever make it back over to Scotland or I find myself in Vancouver, let’s have that drink.

Cheers, Billy.