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Well Barney, I hardly need to remind you what getting older feels like but yes, I do still occasionally get ideas, but they’re mostly shit.
As for equipment. All my gear is cunningly distributed amongst my younger family members and getting it back means visiting them, so no.
Another problem is “getting the band back together”.
Drummer Colin’s job used to involve him being high as a kite, but nowadays, he’s more down to earth than a failed hang glider which is not conducive to beating the skins, so to speak.
And a good bass player is even harder to find since Barry discovered a new cult which seems to be based on John & Yoko’s “Bed In” idea from Amsterdam ‘69. He’s a huge pain in the Arse these days: A fact I remind him of frequently to no avail.
Hope all this has been helpful enough that you won’t bother me again.
Oh, thanks for your concern and lifelong support.
Love & Kisses etc