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Interesting questions. Let’s start with the latter: I personally found Newz, Dogs and Telephone difficult listens. After having put so much into No Jive and Move Me and ultimately losing my job I was curious (to say the least) as to what the new line up would come up with. Boogaloo included some old songs by Dan, Pete (and myself) which we’d rejected a decade before. (How bad could a song be to be rejected from Sound Elixir?)
The next 3 albums were obviously more involved by Jimmy and Lee’s influence cos, bottom line: Dan and Pete, in my opinion were lazy. They had been since Snakes and Ladders….
As for Tattooed, I honestly can’t bring myself to listen to it. When I met Pete at Ted McKenna’s funeral, he assured me I’d like it, but Naz without Dan doesn’t make any sense to me. (No disrespect to Carl Sentance, I’m sure he can sing like fuck.)
As for the Neil Warnock fax, I’m only able to go with what Pete told me at the time from a meeting we had in a Rosyth pub. As I think I explain in the website, Pete really wanted to keep the band together, but Darrell’s influence via Neil was a tipping point. Big D handled all our travel/bookings/hotels etc and Nazareth depended on The Agency for most of our European work. Interesting case in point: Years later, Tony Rocker (a guy I’d been working with, see website) was thrown out of Neil Warnock’s office for mentioning my name.
Politics exist, even in Rock and Roll.