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Wow Chris!
That was a long one (even by your standards) but I appreciate your efforts in trying to celebrate what, to the rest of us was a “Piece of Shit” though it wasn’t as bad as Snakes & Ladders…
I’d never heard Manny refer to Sound Elixir as the Pete and Billy show before but if you consider it purely from the songwriting then he’s right.
I’m sure you’re aware of who wrote what so I won’t go into that. However, none of my contributions turned out the way I’d hoped: Take a listen to my demos on this site or indeed the re-recording of Where Are You Now on Growin’ Up Too Fast for examples.
I think I did a pretty thorough job of explaining things from my perspective on the site itself but in essence Manny was more interested in producing a soundscape (which Calum could do brilliantly) rather than capturing a twin-guitar wielding Rock band like Nazareth (The complete lack of guitar solos I think backs this up).
I’m impressed with your comparing of track running order as yet another (in my opinion) failure to validate what was a disappointing end product. Well done for that Chris, but you’re not convincing me, sorry.
Opening with Why Don’t You Read the Book, a song I threw together with Dan in 5 minutes is not a strong start imo.
Manny’s return to production duties should’ve given us another Hair of the Dog, and that’s where his “Pete and Billy Show” reference has some validity: The songs. Myself and Darrell had been trying to write catchy hits while Pete had discovered his ability to play acoustic guitar: I Ran and On the Run were prime examples so this is where I’ll put my hand up and admit my part in the whole fiasco. The songs I contributed on 2XS were, again imo better than those on Sound Elixir. I did have a great time in Vancouver recording the album but ultimately having a great time doesn’t always result in quality. Best way I can sum it up is by retelling an occasion in the studio from the website. Just to be clear here, Manny and I never argued over who should play any particular solo so when he bagged the one on Whipping Boy I left him to it. It was Shit, and I told him so. “Fuck your guitar synth Manny! Strap on the Les Paul and tear it up.” His response: “No. That’s just what they’d expect.”
I rest my case Chris.
You’ve made a worthy defence but sorry. Always good to talk mate. See you in court, soon.
All the best, Billy.