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Chris Hludzik

OUCH! Well, I tried Billy lol. Thanks for the honest response. I actually like the solo on Whippin’ Boy, but, different strokes for different folks, I guess. And it was done through a guitar synth? Could’ve fooled me. Also, if I could write a tune as cool as “Why Don’t You Read The Book” in 5 minutes, I’d be pretty pleased with myself. Then again, I also didn’t write “Dream On” or “Games” either, so… And I love your demos with Darrell, they definitely have more grit than the album versions, so I see what you’re saying in that respect. I also agree with you about the best experience recording not necessarily equating to the best album. Hair Of The Dog for instance was recorded at Escape Studio, which was apparently very run down, and engineer Tony Taverner was constantly just trying to keep the equipment up and running, and well, we know what that album went on to do…

I will now make my retreat and never bring up Sound Elixir again…maybe lol

Thanks Billy, if I think of another album I can inquire about, I’ll write another short note. 😉