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Glad you enjoyed the site, but as I tend to emphasise a lot, it’s Barry who’s mainly responsible for it.
He made me remember stuff then write it down. He forced me to search my attic, my garage and my friends for old media memories.
I really appreciate the similar memories you’ve shared, perhaps you should do your own website, if you haven’t already?
As for Sound Elixir, you may not be the only one out there with your opinion but I assure you it was not brilliant for most of us.
(At least it wasn’t Snakes & Ladders)
Onto Buffalo, I remember both gigs you mention but if you’re familiar with my solo tour section on the site I have Rick James to thank for your city letting me live. Jeez, I was stupid back then.
But the most mind blowing piece of information you’ve shared is that I might’ve known Harvey Weinstein!
Maybe Barry should update the website to include this.
Then again, maybe not!
Stay safe too, see you on the other side.