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Hi Billy,

  • I have done my own website (www.nssworld.com) and on there are listed every concert I’ve attended (or at least 90% of them) and every CD in my collection.
  • Now Snakes and Ladders was rubbish, but Sound Elixir is gold, but I understand how you can feel different because you are so close to it that it’s hard to be objective.
  • Yes, Rick James did you right and saved your bacon. We’re a hard loving town, but in the 80’s we were down in the dumps, so you picked a wrong time to mock us. But, it’s all in the past and we forgive easily.
  • If you played a concert in Buffalo, in the 70’s or 80’s, it was most likely promoted by Harvey Weinstein of Harvey and Corky (later Harvey, Corkey and Tice). As a matter of fact, I think I saw on your site that Nazareth played Shea’s Theater in Buffalo and that was an Ed Tice production.

Peace and stay safe, NSS