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Fatman Doug

Just spent a good couple of hours reading through the website, really good content, in fact it’s the first time I’ve spent more than one hour on any website since visiting Xhamsters mature lesbians. Anyway, I came across this site by accident (as opposed to the aforementioned Xhamster mature lesbians) and it’s great you’ve got an online presence again, as I do remember the old Shake site. I even bought the CD.

I was shocked to see you described in Nazareth 9 as ‘a two-faced thieving weegie c*nt’ and that must be a dreadful horrible slur, as I believe Kirkintilloch isn’t actually in Glasgow, so get them telt.

I first saw you in the band at the Glasgow SECC Quo show, I think you were on in the early afternoon, bookending a Radio Clyde type roadshow before Quo sauntered on later. Knew very little about Naz then, but had listened to most of their available stuff (albums from Sound Elixir onwards were still not available in the UK at the time) by the time the acoustic shows came round and I saw three of them, at Turriff Rock Mecca (a friendly crowd, though wearing a sheepskin coat may have had something to do with that), Edinburgh Venue (when Pete got booed by the guy standing next to me for saying Zal Cleminson was a bastard), and Hamilton Blazers (nearest venue to my house). Great shows. I was supposed to go to a fourth, at the Glasgow Arena in Oswald Street, but the manager said ‘Nazareth couldn’t be arsed turning up’ (I should have been suspicious as I was the only one waiting in the queue) so I headed along to Anderston Bus Station to chat with some remarkably under-dressed women for December. The Arena incidentally is where Manny has played a few months earlier and there was an advert in the Evening Tims publicising his concert, the day after it had actually taken place.

Well Manny, I mean Billy, I guess you’ll be asked loads of questions in this section, from your favourite shampoo, your thoughts on SPFL reconstruction, your favourite Anita Dobson record or which one of the Nolan Sisters would you most like to bang, but mine is this. Excluding Championi, what is the best song you’ve ever released, and excluding Eastenders, what is the worst?

Fatman Doug