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Fatman Doug

Cheers Billy, yep I guessed you were in that video. I remember wondering how a man could stoop so low, then I realised you probably had been exercising your calf muscles properly. Anyhoo, thanks for the detailed, and I believe, truthful answers to my piercing questions. I’ll think of some other questions at a later date (make it much later – webmaster) but just a quick few observations and a genuine quick story.

I got your book at the Solid Rock that night in 2011, thanks for signing it. I remember being chuffed at meeting someone famous that night I really admired. That occurred in Central Station later that night when I had a pish whilst standing next to Glen Michael.

Manny, a Prod, one of Luther’s Legions? I’d never have believed it, just shows you can’t judge a book by it’s moostache, or follow a stereotype.

Clarkston not being hard. Didn’t the much-mentioned Eddie Tobin get shot there? I’ve a vague memory of that happening.

You should definitely consider taking the guitar and get back to performing in Glasgow pubs. Robert and May Miller are still doing it, and they’ve been going since about 1870.

And the true story – in the mid-90s, there was a small second-hand vinyl store in Lanark at the old Vogue Cinema, and I went in a wander, to discover they had two copies of Snaz, one priced £3.50 and one £4.50. Both seemed in decent condition, slightly dog-eared but not bad. However, I discovered the difference, the £3.50 one was signed by Dan, Pete, Darrell and Manny and the £4.50 copy wasn’t. Still trying to figure that one out.

Fatman Doug