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Hi Geovanni, good to meet you.

Firstly, “Snaz” is a shortened title of our 1981 live album which was actually meant to be called “It’s Naz” which is also a shortened way of saying “It Is Naz” meaning “It Is Nazareth”.

(Hey. Nobody said it had to make sense!)

As for “Where Are You Now” I wouldn’t say I hate the song but I wasn’t very happy about the way we recorded it on “Sound Elixir”.
When Darrell and I wrote the song, we imagined it to be done heavier which is why I re-recorded it on my solo album “Growing Up Too Fast”.
I know it is popular in Brazil and elsewhere. In fact I understand it is one of Nazareth’s most streamed songs on Spotify so I am wrong and you are right to like it, thank you.

“Brazamanaz” was the name we gave to our tour of your country in 1990. I think it was Pete Agnew who came up with the idea of adding the letter “B” to “Razamanaz” as it made good sense and was also funny, no?
I no longer have any of the T shirts but I remember it said “Brazamanaz, Nazareth December 1990 Christmas Tour”

Finally, thank you for liking my website and please do not apologise for your English. It is very good but perhaps you can also speak Scottish?

Best regards and stay safe my friend.