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Hi Julian. Much as I’d like to help, my touring with Aerosmith was limited to a few dates supporting them in late 1982 when Jimmy Crespo and Rick Dufay were in the band so apart from “They were pretty wasted at the time,” I can’t think of anything else you could quote me on.
As for Joe, I got to know him quite well, and by that I mean I got to know when to speak to him and when not to.
He was always really kind to me as he knew I was a massive fan but, during the several tours the Joe Perry Project supported Naz, he could be a bit of a loose cannon which his fellow band members and road crew always put down to “substance abuse mood swings,” but I think there was more going on than that.
The most vivid memory from that time was the story you mention and I’ve no problem with you using it for the book, but I fear I have nothing more to add, quote-wise.
Feel free to get back in touch if you want and good luck with the book.
I will most definitely buy a copy.

Cheers, Billy.