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Hi and first of all it’s always great to hear that something I did had any effect on anyones life, thanks for that.
Thinking Man’s Nightmare was a favourite of ours too, in fact we all liked most of No Jive which was rare for a Nazareth album.
The main reasons we never played it live was-
1. We were already playing Right Between the Eyes live before we’d even recorded it (which might be another Nazareth first?)
2. We’d decided to replace opener Telegram with both Hire & Fire and Wanna Play House (again, most unusual for us and perhaps a mistake?) and finally
3. The record company released Everytime It Rains and Tell Me that you Love Me as singles so we had to put them both in the live set at some time.
Any more from No Jive would’ve went against the band’s principles as being too much for our fans to handle cos we always tried to feature the “Hits” in our gigs.
As for stroking my ego, you are welcome to do so anytime.
You’re alright too!

Cheers, Billy