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Hey Billy you just kicked my memory into gear. In 1992 or so, I hadn’t heard any new Nazareth singles on Seattle radio since they stopped playing Dream On, & Love Leads To Madness. Then I heard Bob Rivers talking about you guys and his garage tapes, and he did play Right Between The Eyes. That’s when I found out about No Jive, and went out and bought the CD and CD player because it was the 1st CD I ever bought. And that night I heard Thinkin Man’s Nightmare and it just blew me away. Bob hasn’t replied to my email yet, but I’ll let you know when he does. And if he has any tapes of you guys from that night I will get them to you. I remember him saying the limo had a case of beer for you guys when he picked you up from the airport and stopped for another case before they got to his house about an hour later. My God that would’ve been fun to be there that night.