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Hi Billy & Dmitry
Some information about Nazareth videos and bootlegs and the reason you have had a chance to see some of these odd gems appear over the years.
Back in the late 90’s a man named M.K.Dorman appeared on the Nazareth website.
He was always involved in chat, posting rare pictures,trading videos, bootlegs with Nazareth fans.
He claimed that the original Expect no mercy tapes still existed and that the full show of the posted live songs on the Fool Circle existed in full.
He backed up those claims when he started his own Nazareth Vault Video and bootleg website. He posted many videos that Nazareth fans had never seen.
They were free to download along with over 100+ bootlegs. So probably anything you see today on YouTube was originally supplied by him.
i.e Love Hurts Norway Airport Hanger etc.. With Nazareth’s blessing to run his website he did it for about a year.
After closing down his website, He helped Manny Charlton & Dave Naumko run Manny’s site.
He asked Manny Charlton if it was at all possible to release the original Expect No Mercy Tapes, Which everyone I hope has a copy now.
This guy knows about these things How????
He asked Manny to release any Nazareth video stuff he had to the fans, Now you have the DVD From The Beginning with 8 original Pro-Shot Videos
included. Yadda , Yadda, Yadda anyways

This is the good part you might want to check out.
Mike Dorman has been uploading all sorts of Nazareth video’s to the Internet Archive Digital Library

All he has said is to keep watching the site as he compiles more and more footage from his collection
All videos are free to watch or download. (Sorry no bootlegs) Strictly video. Mostly good or great quality.

Amudslinger (Nazareth Fan) Cheers.