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    Hi Billy! The fact that you describe the work with Nazareth in such detail and post materials arouses great respect and gratitude! As a person who was in the subject, I would like to know. Why is the band so irresponsible about live video recordings and music videos? Judging only by your description, there must be recordings of concerts that we have not yet seen. As for the clips, why, even after almost 40 years, do we see clips of Love Leads To Madness or Dream On – a recording from a TV broadcast? Or Every Time It Rains – in terrible quality. Are these videos stored somewhere in good quality and are you going to search archives for videos in the future and share them in the public domain? Thank you!


    Hi there Dmitry.
    Firstly you are correct.
    There are many recordings of Nazareth which have never been seen or heard.
    I have some audio recordings from numerous tours and have tried to share some of them on this website but I have to be careful.
    As for videos, again I have to be aware of copyright laws before posting anything but most of the time the videos on this website are from my old VHS tapes so are not as good quality as you would expect but remember I was actually an active member of Nazareth at this time so I didn’t pay too much attention to preserving them.
    Presumably we paid someone else to do that but perhaps they didn’t care enough?
    I understand your frustration and totally agree with you but alas there is nothing I can do to locate the better quality recordings.
    Someone, somewhere may have them but I do not.
    Stay safe and best wishes from Scotland.


    Billy, thanks a lot for your answer. Once again I want to say that I respect you very much for your openness and for the fact that you do not regret the time for communication and publication of materials.

    I would like to know your opinion why the rest of the band members are so indifferent to unpublished video and audio recordings. It’s a story! More often than not, I wonder why Dan, Pete or Manny do not go directly to the owners of the TV archives or hire people to publish all this at least in small quantities and get paid for it. I think that in a pandemic, when there is no way to earn money on concert activities, this would be especially important, not to mention respect and love for the fans.


    I don’t think Dan, Pete or Manny are indifferent to any of what you’re saying, more they’re probably unaware of what’s potentially out there.
    One of the things I realised when I first joined Nazareth was their disinterest in listening to or watching themselves. During a recent conversation with Pete however it’s apparent he and Dan fondly remember our “Unplugged” tours which tells me they’ve been listening again to the audio from the gigs. That says a lot.
    I myself was amazed when a friend on Facebook contacted me saying he’d bought an acetate of my first single on CBS Records and I realised even I didn’t own such a thing.
    He graciously sent me a digital copy and it’s now on this site but importantly it made me realise how we can sometimes be so caught up in our success, we sometimes forget about preserving our past.
    Maybe it’s too late?


    Interesting information. Perhaps the last year is a good occasion for such memories. But it seems to me that Dan or Pete is unlikely to take any action on their own. I think it is difficult for them to assess how much fan interest is expressed in rare unreleased concerts and recordings in video and audio. As a person communicating with Nazareth fans of different age groups, I can say that this is really interesting for many. I think that publishing such materials would be good chords to end a career. Dan released The Last Testament, Nazareth is unlikely to release new material. Most of the fans miss the old Nazareth, which cannot be returned, but which still remains on tapes and cassettes who knows where. It would be great if you could convey this information, for example, to Pete.

    Regards. Dmitriy.


    I will certainly mention it to Pete but I’m pretty sure his response will be he doesn’t have anything. I trust you are familiar with our site’s YouTube channel “Growin’ Up” which contains everything I had on VHS plus other “gems” we discovered from fans around the world which I think is our best chance of unearthing previously unseen content.
    I’ve also shared some audio of gigs in “The Vault” from my collection of cassettes and could probably add more if Barry could be arsed but unless Manny has anything hidden away I fear the extent of band contributions is done and dusted.
    We’ve asked for any videos/audio/photos etc from fans but so far none are forthcoming but it wouldn’t hurt to repeat the request.
    Spread the word Dmitriy, and I shall continue to do the same.


    For some reason, I can’t send the message.


    Got it, the message was too long. I had to divide it into two parts.

    Of course, Billy, I watched everything you uploaded to YouTube.) Our arms are of different lengths. I mean, Pete, Dan, Manny have the capacity, connections and money to contact the owners of the TV archives to request material. I will give a few examples.

    In 1973, Nazareth performed on Top Of The Pops with the song Broken Down Angel. Where is this video? Only the desire of the fans is not enough to find it.

    During the recording of the Big Dogz album, the film Until We Drop was shot by a Czech director. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see this movie, but from the trailer you can see footage of an unknown performance with the song Bad Bad Boy. Judging by the footage, most likely there is a recording of not only this song. You can watch it at 0:20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji4RPNX1T2k


    One of the videos that you uploaded to your Youtube channel contains excerpts from a performance with your participation. I don’t know how many songs you played back then, but at least a full-fledged video of two songs without interviews must exist somewhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVrxda5tG-Q


    Here is another interview with excerpts from an unknown performance. Where and how to get it is unknown. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYkFSYJEN9A


    These are just a few of the notable examples. I am sure there are dozens of records of which are unknown even to Nazareth himself.

    I have no idea what contribution I could make to finding these videos. I am engaged in website development and web design. Billy, if you need my services, I’d love to work for you.

    By the way, a long time ago I made covers for my father’s home collection. He restored videos that he could find. There is you on these covers. 🙂


    Lots to think about here.
    1. Pete, Dan & Manny probably don’t have the means to locate TV archives and would certainly not spend money doing so.
    2. Top of the Pops (or the BBC) is famously guilty of “losing” past shows. David Bowie’s Jean Genie performance was only rediscovered by accident and he was far more famous than Nazareth at the time.
    3. I don’t know anything about the “Until We Drop” film but like you, I’d love to see it. The Bad, Bad Boy footage I remember seeing but can’t recall where. Probably sourced by the Czech company?
    4. The video on my YouTube channel was of a sound check we did somewhere and as Big Boy was the song we always used to get our sound right, that’s probably the only footage filmed.
    5. The Manny interview? Sorry, but again I’d like to see more.
    6. Thanks for offering your help Dmitry. I can only repeat my previous request to “spread the word”
    And finally,
    7. Good compilation of artwork on your Dads video collections.


    3. Besides Big Boy, there is a section of Right Beetween The Eyes at the end. These recordings must be complete, without interviews.

    As for the dissemination of information, over the years I have collected a large list of videos that I would like to find. If you need, I can share it.


    Sure, I’d like to see that.


    Hi Billy & Dmitry
    Some information about Nazareth videos and bootlegs and the reason you have had a chance to see some of these odd gems appear over the years.
    Back in the late 90’s a man named M.K.Dorman appeared on the Nazareth website.
    He was always involved in chat, posting rare pictures,trading videos, bootlegs with Nazareth fans.
    He claimed that the original Expect no mercy tapes still existed and that the full show of the posted live songs on the Fool Circle existed in full.
    He backed up those claims when he started his own Nazareth Vault Video and bootleg website. He posted many videos that Nazareth fans had never seen.
    They were free to download along with over 100+ bootlegs. So probably anything you see today on YouTube was originally supplied by him.
    i.e Love Hurts Norway Airport Hanger etc.. With Nazareth’s blessing to run his website he did it for about a year.
    After closing down his website, He helped Manny Charlton & Dave Naumko run Manny’s site.
    He asked Manny Charlton if it was at all possible to release the original Expect No Mercy Tapes, Which everyone I hope has a copy now.
    This guy knows about these things How????
    He asked Manny to release any Nazareth video stuff he had to the fans, Now you have the DVD From The Beginning with 8 original Pro-Shot Videos
    included. Yadda , Yadda, Yadda anyways

    This is the good part you might want to check out.
    Mike Dorman has been uploading all sorts of Nazareth video’s to the Internet Archive Digital Library

    All he has said is to keep watching the site as he compiles more and more footage from his collection
    All videos are free to watch or download. (Sorry no bootlegs) Strictly video. Mostly good or great quality.

    Amudslinger (Nazareth Fan) Cheers.

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