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    Hi Amudslinger (Oh I so wish that was your real name!)
    I’m aware of Mike Dorman, in fact I’m sure Webmaster Barry has had numerous email conversations with him and some of our content (and his) has been mutually shared over the years.
    I’ve checked out the links you’ve sent but unfortunately most of them aren’t playing on my iPad. This is probably down to my lack of technical abilities and not Mike’s site.
    Thanks for the info “Naz Fan”. Hopefully together we can bring more of this stuff to peoples attention, fingers crossed.

    Cheers, Billy


    Hi Billy

    Thanks for the reply
    I work on the oil rigs in Northern Alberta Canada,
    Tool pusher and mud circulation injector pumps drilling mud
    (mixture of water, clay, weighting material and chemicals,
    used to lift rock cuttings from the drill bit to the surface)
    So now you know the creation of amudslinger
    Comes in handy for all sorts of topics. lol
    Take care

    Enjoying your website and openness

    Amudslinger (Billy Rankin, Nazareth Fan)

    World Truckers Convoy Freedom Movement


    Ha, brilliant explanation! Incidentally, surely I have the necessary credentials to be inducted into your World Truckers Convoy Freedom Movement?
    My knowledge of mud circulation injector pumps is sketchy but I can sling mud like nobody’s business and back up a 40ft trailer into areas of Glasgow Scotland even you’d be afraid of!
    Thanks for the compliments, er, Buddy!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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