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Billy, I forgot this bit of info; Bob left KISW a few years after you met him. He went to 102.5 KZOK and brought with him his main Twisted Tune writer and singer, the very talented Spike O’Neil. Bob retired about 8 years ago and Spike remained as a DJ until 2 years ago, when KZOK didn’t offer him a contract renewal, instead, they offered a DJ contract to Danny Bonaduce of The Partridge Family fame, and I believe they couldn’t afford to keep Spike too. As Myles Goodwyn of April Wine once sang; Rock and roll is a vicious game. I bet the radio DJ business is a vicious game as well. Before I forget, when I 1st got internet and a computer in 1996, I contacted Manny somehow, and asked him the chords to Love Leads To Madness & how to play the fingerpicking intro to Fallen Angel from Malice In Wonderland. I was and still am a very amateur guitarist. He actually emailed me back and explained them both to me. So apparently you and Manny are the coolest of the Scottish musicians. I enjoyed reading you response to the troll a few days ago.