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Please be assured Aleksey, you would never offend me cos I know how much you like the site, and all things Naz.
You raise a few interesting points this time round so let’s get them sorted.
Barry has now added the original back cover of Crankin to The Vault which has the full credits etc. Thanks for pointing it out.
There is truth in what you read about Coverdale so I will write a short section about it as soon as I remember the details.
Do you still have the article you read?
If so, Barry would love to have it.
As for the transition between Nazareth and my departure you are again quite correct.
I was still very much a member after recording GUTF, in fact I recall receiving advanced copies of the album artwork during a US tour with Naz in late 1983 which I had to approve with the record company at the time.
The turning point was when I had to agree to promoting the album by doing interviews, radio and TV appearances all of which Jim White was heavily involved with.
At the time, he told us all that Nazareth couldn’t afford to keep me in the band financially any more, which wasn’t true but that I should take a temporary break from them to concentrate on my solo career.
You will notice during some early interviews I did for GUTF that I state that “I’m only out of Naz for a bit” and that “Nazareth are like a family: You never really leave them”
When the solo tour was arranged, this situation changed but we always agreed that I might rejoin at some point.
Again, Jim White made sure this would not happen when he was ultimately fired by Naz for, well, being Jim White.
Thanks for once again jogging my memory and as always, stay safe mate.

Update 3rd June 2020
New section added to Growing Up Too Fast with David Coverdale story.