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    Warm hallo Billy!

    At first THANKS for your informative site! A lot of info, a lot of media to download!
    THANKS for your music in Nazareth and solo projects!
    I was on Nazareth’s concert in February 1991 in Leningrad, USSR (now St.Petersburg, Russia) and still remember this show!

    And my some question and request (if this possible).

    – Can you give more info about 2nd solo album Crackin’? (credits like for other solo albums: what musicians and on what tracks were involved)
    – You mentioned that Nazareth went to Crystal Gayle concert. And what other concerts did Nazareth (with you) go to?
    – What famous names came to the Nazareth’s concert?
    – When you quit Nazareth in 1984?
    (Excuse me I can’t understad this moment from your site.
    On Nazareth’s site (https://www.nazarethdirect.co.uk/website/the-band/nazareth-history/6/) said that “After the tour to promote the album, Billy decided to leave the band to pursue a solo career”.
    But it seems to me that it was before July 1984…)
    And working (demos, rehearsals, maybe even recordings) on The Catch LP begun with you?

    All the Best,
    Aleksey Kononow


    Hi Aleksey. Good to hear from you and thanks for coming to see us in Leningrad all those years ago. We would go to lots of concerts by other artists when we had a night off with Nazareth. Frank Zappa was a great one for me but Dan, Pete and Manny didn’t agree..Another was Joni Mitchell in Munich when she introduced This Flight Tonight as “A Nazareth song” and thanked us for the royalties. As for others coming to Nazareth gigs, there were many but by favourite was when Ted Nugent joined us onstage in Detroit after handing all his guns to my roadie to look after them! I did not have any involvement with The Catch cos I think I was doing a solo tour at the time. Finally, the main players on Crankin were Gary Ferguson on drums and Max Noland on bass though Dan, Pete and Zal we’re also involved. May I suggest to go to The Vault-Crankin section of this website where you will find the artwork for the album which features all the recording details. All the best, friend. Stay safe.


    Members of Deep Purple family (Blackmore, Lord, Glover etc) were on Nazareth concerts?
    And also you write in “Nazareth 7” chapter that “I’d never met Gillan”, but Nazareth played with Black Sabbath (Giilan lin-up) in Canada in 1983, Naz and Sabbath members did not meet backstage?


    I’ve never had any member of Deep Purple attend a Nazareth show I was a part of except Glen Hughes whom I spent a night in our LA hotel trying to avoid. He was very drunk and very loud! As for the Sabbath gigs in 1983, I only spent time with Tony Iommi and Bev Bevan. Ian Gillan wasn’t ever present after or before shows. I did watch from the side of the stage when they were on but technically never met him during those shows.


    You tells that during May 1981 some dates were taped for live album (and became SNAZ).
    Do you think the original tapes from May 1981 are still exist?
    Who do these tapes have?
    And same question about original video tapes of Sam Houston.

    Sometime ago was issued box with Japan tour of Deep Purple, that were on Made In Japan.
    How do you think, is it possible to hope (for Nazareth fans) for same big box with concerts of May 1981?

    Also I found bootleg Malice in California with San Joce concert.
    There is said that bootleg was recorded in San Jose, Civic Center, May 18, 1981.
    But there is day-off on May 18, 1981 in tour itinerary (on your site)! 🙂
    How do you think this date is incorrect?


    Yes, some tapes from May 1981 do exist. I still have my copies and there are two in The Vault already. As for releasing them officially, that’s not for me to say. As for San Jose, I doubt that concert took place on that date. The sheer size of logistics involved in doing a large arena tour wouldn’t allow for an extra date to be added. I would be inclined to rely on the itinerary dates and not a bootleg description (although it was nearly 40 years ago so who knows?)


    Thanks for answers!

    You’re write in Nazareth 1 chapter:
    “Look after young Billy, he’s only 21.”
    “Don’t worry darlin’, by the time we get home he’ll be 42!”
    (Conversation between Dan and his wife, Edinburgh airport 12th February 1981)

    … but if to compare with Tour Itinerary then it turns out that Dan, Pete and Darrel (with Harry Williams) flew to USA on 8th February 1981 (for interviews).
    On 12th February 1981 Manny with you flew to USA, where meet with band mates… or plans changed??

    Are you remember, why during UK tour 1981 after Glasgow gig Dan and Pete (with Harry Williams) hire drive to Bradford? (and rest of band drive to Bradford in other day)


    Hi again Aleksey. Firstly thanks for your continued questioning of the fine details of the website but if everything you ask is based on your Sherlock Holmes like comparisons between my memories and the tour itineraries, it could become quite tedious.
    You are correct in pointing out the discrepancies in Dan’s comment to his wife and we’ll change the date to fix it, thanks for that.
    As for the Glasgow-Bradford question I have no idea, sorry but it was 40 years ago and I am old!
    To the best of my knowledge everything written on the site is true and date-consistent, Barry made sure of this when he began all this but sometimes we get it slightly wrong, or I do, but it shouldn’t detract from your much appreciated enjoyment of the site.
    This is not a criticism of you or your questions, just an admission that things can be remembered differently after a long time has passed.
    Hey, at least you haven’t asked what my favourite colour is, or who’s the most famous person I’ve met. (It’s Blue, and Paul McCartney)
    Keep in touch friend, just cut me some slack, okay?


    I did not want to offend you!
    Not many famous musician’s sites exist where there are as many rare stuff as yours!
    And I have *no doubt* that everything written on the site is true!
    Your site is just diamond!!
    I’m just a Nazareth fanatic…and I have new questions.
    Some are easy, one is hard.
    I read somewhere that Coverdale invited you to Whitesnake. Is it true?
    I can found in Vault artwork for Crankin album, but this is without recording details…

    And hard question is about our favorite band…
    When I read your first five chapters about Nazareth and about the beginning of your solo career, I can’t understand where was this line, after which you was no longer in the band?
    You got an offer for solo LP and you recorded LP, but you keep toured with Nazareth in late 1983.
    Then (in 1984) you did promo work for first solo LP and then recorded second solo LP.
    At last in June you toured in USA, Nazareth played as quartet in UK same time…
    Were there any conversations with Nazareth? (Maybe on high tones as in 1995..)
    Or it happened naturally, you just started own career, you didn’t need Nazareth, Nazareth didn’t need you…
    Did Jim White play any role in this?


    Please be assured Aleksey, you would never offend me cos I know how much you like the site, and all things Naz.
    You raise a few interesting points this time round so let’s get them sorted.
    Barry has now added the original back cover of Crankin to The Vault which has the full credits etc. Thanks for pointing it out.
    There is truth in what you read about Coverdale so I will write a short section about it as soon as I remember the details.
    Do you still have the article you read?
    If so, Barry would love to have it.
    As for the transition between Nazareth and my departure you are again quite correct.
    I was still very much a member after recording GUTF, in fact I recall receiving advanced copies of the album artwork during a US tour with Naz in late 1983 which I had to approve with the record company at the time.
    The turning point was when I had to agree to promoting the album by doing interviews, radio and TV appearances all of which Jim White was heavily involved with.
    At the time, he told us all that Nazareth couldn’t afford to keep me in the band financially any more, which wasn’t true but that I should take a temporary break from them to concentrate on my solo career.
    You will notice during some early interviews I did for GUTF that I state that “I’m only out of Naz for a bit” and that “Nazareth are like a family: You never really leave them”
    When the solo tour was arranged, this situation changed but we always agreed that I might rejoin at some point.
    Again, Jim White made sure this would not happen when he was ultimately fired by Naz for, well, being Jim White.
    Thanks for once again jogging my memory and as always, stay safe mate.

    Update 3rd June 2020
    New section added to Growing Up Too Fast with David Coverdale story.


    THANKS for aswers!!
    And for Coverdale story too!
    I have stupid question… I found this strange video ‘Nazareth ~ Shot Me Down ~ Studio Session Ruff Mixes’ with (as said) with Manny Charlton on vocals (?)…
    How do you think, it is really Manny?


    Wow, that’s fantastic and yes it is definitely Manny singing. If you listen closely you can hear Pete speaking and singing too.

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