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I have no explanation for the Chick Young/Sally Carr connection but having done many a charity event with Chico he always seemed to get on with women’s guide dugs. I have many links with sporting personalities however.
Most of Rangers 1st team would come to see me play at The Newlands Hotel after training sessions in the 80’s. In fact Super Ally himself was my guest for the School of Rock book launch at the Solid Rock. Some say that he signed more copies than I did but Ah’m no havin that.
I spent an enjoyable time chatting with Stephen Hendry on a flight till his wee manager told him to stop talking to me.
I also shared a drink with Kenny Dalglish in a London hotel on the day I didn’t join Whitesnake.
Want more?
Okay. We met the legendary soccer star Zico in a Sau Paulo bar and on the same tour we told Ronnie Biggs to fuck off at our gig in Rio.
Ronnie’s sporting connection is of course that he was a well known great trainer of robbers.