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Well Hello! Thanks for asking a good question. As I’ve said on the website I was always slightly embarrassed to have asked one of the best drummers in the world (Mr Ted McKenna) to play along with a Linn drum machine on Growing Up Too Fast, but it was kinda what A&M records were looking for at that time. It’s to Ted’s great credit he didn’t refuse or kick me in the balls, but I think his fills added just the right human touch to make the record work. Incidentally we did record one song with live drums (Baby’s Got a Gun) which is still my favourite track of the album so maybe you’re onto something there. My other two solo albums were done mainly with real drums courtesy of Gary Ferguson and Colin Irvine, but maybe your question is more subjective than that. For example: “Bring it on Home to Mama” from Nazareth’s “Move Me” album was hailed by many as, and I quote: “Darrell Sweet’s finest drumming ever!” It was, of course all done on a Roland R8 drum machine so what would re-recording my stuff actually achieve? Thanks for your appreciation and attention to detail. Are you by any chance a drummer?
Take care and stay safe.