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Chris Hludzik

Thanks for the answers Billy! I understand about wanting to perform in front of people (I’m hoping to do so again as well, once all this pandemic business is over with). Our governor in Pennsylvania is lifting some of the restrictions starting in April, so yes, hopefully a return to (somewhat) normal.

I have heard of Linn turntables, The Linn Sondek is actually very revered in the vinyl community. As for me, I have a Technics 1200 MKII and Technics SL-Q300, both with Audio Technica cartridges and styli.

And amazingly, I have never owned an actual SM58 mic (just cheap copies), but I have used and recorded them many times, they are powerful mics with very high output. I did a livestream with my friend back in December, and he brought his 58 to sing into, and I just had the gain nudged a little bit past 1 on the channel on the mixing board and he was coming through loud and clear, anything past that it would start feeding back!

The “Agnes” thing will stick with me forever. Great to see you guys took advantage of your Scottish sense of humor, and glad I could help bring back an old memory! 🙂

Thanks again, Billy, and stay safe and well.