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Good to hear from you Billy. I think it was the same rig with only the lighting and glass front changed from the “no mean city ” tour. I can remember seeing you at the STV gateway studios for the recording, Radio Clyde did the sound, they had a mobile parked in a side road at the back of the studios. I managed to blag my way in during set-up by kidding on I was a sound tech with Clyde. Once in I made my way to the dressing rooms. In there was Dan, Pete and Manny. They were discussing the new guitarist, namely, Billy Rankin. Pete said “he’s like a fuckin moth, attracted to the bright lights. I just thought, mmmmmmmmm, who does that remind me of, Pete was certainly no shrinking violet, cheeky bastard. I watched from the audience seats when you were doing your rehearsal and set-up. I was sitting next to the lorry driver that brought up all your equipment and trying to make out I should have been there. Unfortunately, the gateway stage manager noticed me looking all out of place and approached me. IT went as follows………..
Stage manager to me “who are you?
Me “Oh, I’m with the Band, I am the equipment roadie.
Stage manager ” No, you’re not. So you better leave before I get security to throw you out”
Me “O.K., then and out I went.
It was good while it lasted, I would have loved to be a roadie.
I have so many good memories of seeing Naz and yourself doing gigs. My old next door neighbour gave me a pencil drawing he did of the “No Mean City monster, he also loaned me your first lp and I copied it to tape and returned it. His name is Sam Livingstone of Cowdenbeath, his parents were Martin and Kay livingstone. They were Jehovah’s Witnesses and attended the Kingdom Hall in Cowdenbeath. Anyway, what are you up to these days, are you gigging or what. It would be great if you and Zal joined a band. Zal’s solo on Anthem by SAHB is just brilliant.
Right, enough of my ramblings I’m away to watch “Live in Texas”.