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    Hi there. I have always wondered what happened to the huge NAZARETH logo lighting rig. I first saw it used on the “No Mean City” tour. The gig was at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh and support band was Blazer Blazer. It was the first tour with new guitarist Zal Cleminson. Fin Costello (acclaimed rock photographer) was there taking publicity pics. The gig was great in spite of the Usher Hall not being really suited to rock bands due the sloping area behind the stage where the orchestra are usually seated. Naz usually played the Odeon, a great rock venue. I had some great nights there and some good times backstage. Anyway WHERE IS THE NAZARETH LOGO! It must be about somewhere. I contacted Manny and he didn’t know but did suggest Dan or Pete must have it as they have everything else……..I am sure he may have been joking!
    Now, wouldn’t it be great and have it all lit up in a rock venue in Dunfermline.
    This is a great site with really good interesting tracks on it, keep up the good work.


    Hi to you too and I’m glad you like the site.
    I first saw the sign, like you on the No Mean City tour but, by the time I’d joined Naz in ’81, they were using a red one.
    After discussing this with Barry (the site guru) the other day we reckon the green sign was possibly for UK and European tours and the red for the US, but we’re not sure.
    I played the Odeon with Naz in the early 80’s, but can’t for the life of me remember what colour the sign was.
    I like your idea of it being used in a Dunfermline rock venue, but it’s probably in storage somewhere, or scrapped, or perhaps being used by Dan & Pete just to upset Manny!
    Btw, Fin Costello took the pics of our Move Me album in Dunfermline then we got him so pished he missed his flight back to London!

    Cheers, Billy.


    Good to hear from you Billy. I think it was the same rig with only the lighting and glass front changed from the “no mean city ” tour. I can remember seeing you at the STV gateway studios for the recording, Radio Clyde did the sound, they had a mobile parked in a side road at the back of the studios. I managed to blag my way in during set-up by kidding on I was a sound tech with Clyde. Once in I made my way to the dressing rooms. In there was Dan, Pete and Manny. They were discussing the new guitarist, namely, Billy Rankin. Pete said “he’s like a fuckin moth, attracted to the bright lights. I just thought, mmmmmmmmm, who does that remind me of, Pete was certainly no shrinking violet, cheeky bastard. I watched from the audience seats when you were doing your rehearsal and set-up. I was sitting next to the lorry driver that brought up all your equipment and trying to make out I should have been there. Unfortunately, the gateway stage manager noticed me looking all out of place and approached me. IT went as follows………..
    Stage manager to me “who are you?
    Me “Oh, I’m with the Band, I am the equipment roadie.
    Stage manager ” No, you’re not. So you better leave before I get security to throw you out”
    Me “O.K., then and out I went.
    It was good while it lasted, I would have loved to be a roadie.
    I have so many good memories of seeing Naz and yourself doing gigs. My old next door neighbour gave me a pencil drawing he did of the “No Mean City monster, he also loaned me your first lp and I copied it to tape and returned it. His name is Sam Livingstone of Cowdenbeath, his parents were Martin and Kay livingstone. They were Jehovah’s Witnesses and attended the Kingdom Hall in Cowdenbeath. Anyway, what are you up to these days, are you gigging or what. It would be great if you and Zal joined a band. Zal’s solo on Anthem by SAHB is just brilliant.
    Right, enough of my ramblings I’m away to watch “Live in Texas”.


    Hi again. I hadn’t thought about the sign being recovered so I’ve asked “Uncle” Pete Agnew if he can clarify. I don’t expect a reply any time soon cos Pete takes days to realise his steam-driven mobile has gotten a message!
    As for your Gateway story, that’s hilarious!
    The fact that you managed to blag your way past security makes you an ideal roadie for Naz.
    Our old tour manager once told me his job was 10% technical abilities and 90% bullshitting so I reckon you’d be in there.
    I’m not doing anything musical anymore, canny be arsed to be honest plus my right hand is a bit gubbed due to years of smacking the strings like Pete Townshend. I think I’d need a prosthetic limb like Les Paul had if I were able to play like I used to.
    Zal on the other hand (see what I did there?) has retired completely as far as I can gather, which is a real shame cos he can actually still play.
    Now for the biggest surprise you mentioned.
    I knew Sammy, Martin & Kay very well.
    In fact due to family circumstances I was friendly with a lot of the Cowdenbeath congregation back then so if you’re still in touch with any of them, tell’em The Rankins say Hello.
    Oh, and you owe me 00.5p in royalties, ya basturt!
    “Home Taping is Killing the Industry” apparently.


    Got a reply from Pete and it appears you were right about the live logo. Or as he says “Aye Billy. Same sign wi’ a different jersey.”
    Well played you!

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