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I don’t think Dan, Pete or Manny are indifferent to any of what you’re saying, more they’re probably unaware of what’s potentially out there.
One of the things I realised when I first joined Nazareth was their disinterest in listening to or watching themselves. During a recent conversation with Pete however it’s apparent he and Dan fondly remember our “Unplugged” tours which tells me they’ve been listening again to the audio from the gigs. That says a lot.
I myself was amazed when a friend on Facebook contacted me saying he’d bought an acetate of my first single on CBS Records and I realised even I didn’t own such a thing.
He graciously sent me a digital copy and it’s now on this site but importantly it made me realise how we can sometimes be so caught up in our success, we sometimes forget about preserving our past.
Maybe it’s too late?