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Lots to think about here.
1. Pete, Dan & Manny probably don’t have the means to locate TV archives and would certainly not spend money doing so.
2. Top of the Pops (or the BBC) is famously guilty of “losing” past shows. David Bowie’s Jean Genie performance was only rediscovered by accident and he was far more famous than Nazareth at the time.
3. I don’t know anything about the “Until We Drop” film but like you, I’d love to see it. The Bad, Bad Boy footage I remember seeing but can’t recall where. Probably sourced by the Czech company?
4. The video on my YouTube channel was of a sound check we did somewhere and as Big Boy was the song we always used to get our sound right, that’s probably the only footage filmed.
5. The Manny interview? Sorry, but again I’d like to see more.
6. Thanks for offering your help Dmitry. I can only repeat my previous request to “spread the word”
And finally,
7. Good compilation of artwork on your Dads video collections.