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    Chris Hludzik

    So, what are they? lol

    For me, as far as SAHB is concerned, it’s a toss up between SAHB Stories and NEXT. Was the rhythm section of Ted and Chris EVER BETTER than on SAHB Stories? The closest they came to sounding that good was on MSG’s “Assault Attack” album. And NEXT is just classic, and was really a blueprint for SAHB as they progressed. I do have a soft spot for Framed, however (I reach for that one a lot more than I used to, I just love the raw tight sound). Rock Drill is another favorite. Different, I know, and much maligned (unfairly – and probably only because it was the last album). But I love how dark and heavy side 1 is, and even though side 2 takes on a slightly lighter tone, there’s still that trademark SAHB menace to it. And Zal’s playing and sound on that album was WAY ahead of its’ time (OK, ALL of Zal’s playing was ahead of its’ time, but I digress).

    As for solo Alex or Non-SAHB Alex, I really love The Mafia Stole My Guitar. Brilliant album that never really got the chance it truly deserved, which was sad because it was probably his most fully realized solo album. All the rest had something holding them back – Roman Wall Blues was a cool album, but very of its’ time, and mostly just a showcase of material he was doing with the “Hair” pit band (all of whom play on the album), The Joker Is Wild (or as it was later known as, “This Is The Sensational Alex Harvey Band” – which it WASN’T) wasn’t even supposed to be his album, just demos for a songwriter named Tony Caldiera that the label just decided to release as is. Again, some cool stuff, but very uneven. And Soldier On The Wall was never even seen through by Alex because he died shortly after he recorded it, and again, it was released by a small label and never had a chance.

    Your thoughts?

    Thanks, and I hope all is well,


    My fav is Next , maybe it’s the fact that it was the first album I bought by the band, this was after picking up a copy of the Giddy Up A Ding Dong 45rpm around 1973 ( aged 10! ) but I love that album , Swampsnake is an amazing opening track and Faith Healer adn Last Of The Teenage Idols are immense , great songs and great musicianship ( and lots of humour) .

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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