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    Of the 4 studio albums you recorded with Nazareth, which one was your favourite to record? And which was the least favourite?


    All four albums with Naz were enjoyable to record. The first “2XS” would’ve been enjoyable even if I hadn’t sung or played a note. We were based on a Caribbean island complete with sunbathing by the poolside rooftop bar in the middle of Whale-Watching season.
    “Sound Elixir” found us slap bang in downtown Vancouver where I mixed with Bryan Adams, Brian “Too Loud” McLoud and Top 10 gay bars. The recording studio wasn’t too shabby either.
    The two 90’s albums “No Jive” and “Move Me” were enjoyable on different terms. I was much more involved in the writing/recording process and put a lot into the actual studio time by engineering “No Jive” and programming stuff on “Move Me”.
    All this considered, my favourite memory would be from “2XS”
    Producer John Punter had a strict protocol: Go sit by the pool till you’re called on. When called on, do your bit and go sit back by the pool.
    This worked till on one occasion we all got a bit pissed after sitting by the pool too long and entered the studio uninvited.
    Trying to make a point yelling “Get those Hi-Hats doon!” and flailing his arms around, Pete hit a pint glass of something exotic which resulted in blowing up the mixing desk.
    John’s response as thick blue smoke emitted from the desk of “You Stupid Scottish Git!” resulted in us walking sheepishly out to the pool as roadie Davie Horner screamed excitedly “Look Guys! There’s a pod o’ bottle neck dolphins!”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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