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    Hey Billy –

    How might one purchase a copy of the Shake CD from you? Are you sold out… or still have a floating round in some closet or the garage?

    Also, you and Barry have created one of the greatest, if not the greatest artist website in terms of stories, photos, audio, etc – it’s 10 hours of reading and listening enjoyment so far and I’ve got a bit more to cover still…

    Thank you –


    Thanks for the compliment BB. Much appreciated. As for Shake, there’s no need to purchase the CD anymore. All tracks and complete artwork are available to download for free in “The Vault” section of this website so you can make your own copy of Shake, or indeed any other music we’ve made available. Hope this helps and thanks again for your kind words. Take care and stay safe.


    BR –

    how might one contact you outside of this bulletin board? I have two legit possible music opportunities I want to approach you about – I’ve been a somewhat meaningful music publisher/producer here in the States – maybe you can grab my email from my site registration and drop me a line?
    Thanks – Brian

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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