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    Fatman Doug2

    Hi Billy, I hope you are well and enjoying the very unseasonal weather.

    I was looking through some old concert listings in our local news archive when I came across a listing for a group called Websters Revenge, with the tagline saying ‘featuring ex-Nazareth guitarist’. The listing was dated March 1990, and was for avenue called the Woodend in Mossend, near Bellshill (the type of venue you wipe your feet thoroughly – on the way out). Any ideas about this band?

    Also, I noted a thread with mention of ‘The Crime and Punishment Show’ mentioned. Any chance of you recording a right-wing follow-up? ‘Hang the F****r’ would be a catchy title and I can imagine the sing-a-long chorus.

    Greetings from Pishy Wishy


    Hi Doug, yes the weather is quite glorious isn’t it but in true Scottish form it wulnae last!
    I have no recollection of this Websters Revenge you speak of but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t there!
    I don’t suppose you have any further info to refresh my memory?
    (1990 was the year I rejoined Naz mind.)
    “Hang the F**ker” is a brilliant title for a song but it probably wouldn’t feature as “Tony Blackburns record of the week” methinks.
    As always, stay safe mate.


    Fatman Doug2

    Cheers Billy, not any other information on Websters Revenge, other than they seemed to be quite prolific across venues in Wishaw, Motherwell, Hamilton areas in early 1990. Can’t find any information online either, just listings in local newspapers. I guess it could be Zal who was involved, though I’d have guessed mentioning ex-SAHB rather than Nazareth would have made more sense.

    Cheers mate

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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